too much is never enough


about me

• yav, she/her
• INFP-T, 25 (15.08, leo)
• chaotic lesbian
• poland; studied english at university, majored in translation (master's degree)
• tweets in english. eng/pl/learning japanese (rn aiming to pass n4)
• corporate job. i talk and joke about it a lot. yes it's that f u j i t s u thing i mention often
• i'm a meme person lol
• i'm very chill and i avoid conflicts
• very, very awkward but also very, very emotional. i'm a mess
• “you look depressed” thanks it’s the depression (i'm getting help dw) i keep the worst stuff on my priv
• i strongly relate to rei kiriyama (sangatsu no lion), phosphophyllite (houseki no kuni), and ritsu sakuma (enstars)
• florence and the machine is very dear to me on a highly personal level (ALL the quotes in my carrd come from florence's songs)
• i'm a cat person, very obsessed with my fat, old cat, her name is kicarz and she's the cutest
• sleepy 2d characters are my weakness
• i'm all about pastel colours and purple


natural skincare
i can read and analyze cosmetic ingredients (and i'm happy to help other people) i usually spam on my instagram about it (in polish) and post pics of the products i use. i also sometimes make skincare stuff from scratch
anime figures/merchandise
you can find everything i own on my mfc profile. i sometimes host box splits
started doing traditional japanese archery in oct 2017. i belong to a local kyudo club called kyudo ayame. here is our site!! (in polish)
mainly bandori, ensemble stars, and love live. i don't play any game seriously anymore though

i also draw sometimes, but i got back into drawing after YEARS of not drawing (around 6 i think) so my skills are rather rusty. i'm trying my best tho


heaven official's blessing (currently main)
hualian; I can't really express how much I love them. they invented love. they are my comfort ship that brings a bit of sunshine to my life. I love tgcf to death
i also like beefleaf
ensemble stars
ritsu sakuma is my number one character ever, he's the love of my life, i would and WILL die for him; i'm not into enstars anymore tho. i like ritsumao
scum villain's self saving system
luo binghe enthusiast. i love bingqiu and moshang
mo dao zu shi
wei wuxian, wangxian, jin ling, wen ning, jiang cheng. for me it's novel > manhua > donghua. i didn't finish the untamed (only saw 10 eps) but i don't mind it and i think yibo is super cute
nier automata
9S is my absolutely fav nier chara. i'd die for him. i ship 9S/2B. i love this game so much, it's the best game i've ever played ;-;
rinko, moca, sayo, ako, aya, misaki, eve, arisa, mashiro, tomoe, but man i love them all
houseki no kuni
cinnabar, antarcticite, phosphophyllite, cairngorm, phos/cinnabar, phos/antarc
love live μ'sic forever ♪♪♪
eri, honoka, nozomi, kanan, ruby, kanata, emma; nozoeri; i don't really care about aquors...

please don't follow if you

• are racist, homophobic, trump supporter, anti-vaxxer, etc.
• think fiction = reality
• get involved in dramas often
• openly hate on characters/ships

important info:
• i rarely follow back if we don't share mutuals or interests
please don't qrt/repost my art
• i will not follow back if you post a lot of kpop,, (i muted most of kpop related words already tho)
• i tend to talk a lot, too much even lol
• please talk to me i'm lonely

where to find me

• twitter: actual_ritsu
• priv twitter: closest friends only
• myfigurecollection: Yavimaya
• instagram: alstroemeriav
• discord: Yavimaya#2878
• myanimelist: Yavimaya
• school idol tomodachi: Yav

too much is never enough


i will be

in the sky full of song

it's such a wonderful thing, to love


some things you let go in order to live

and there will be no grand choirs to sing
no chorus will come in
no ballad will be written
it will be entirely forgotten

and if tomorrow it's all over
at least we had it for a moment
oh darling things seem so unstable
but for a moment we were able to be still

don't go blindly into the dark
in every one of us shines the light of love

one grand moment is all I Ask